Clarence BlanchardClarence Blanchard is the president of Antique & Collectible Tools Inc., the corporation that owns Brown Tool Auctions.

Clarence was born in the rural town of Milo, Maine.
Living in a lumbering community, he quickly learned how to work with his hands.
His desire to be with his father during the working day forced young Clarence Junior to quickly acquire the craftsman skills needed to follow his father to work.
Therefore, he was involved with tools early in his life and his passion began. He put his interest in tools aside to seek a formal education.

In 1971, he completed his degree as a chemical engineer at the University of Maine. After graduation, Clarence began work in the construction business for F. W. Cunningham as a Project Manager.
While working for Cunningham, his interest in tools thrived.
He began to acquire a collection from flea markets, antique shops, and tool shows.

His aspirations as a tool collector intensified over the next sixteen years, compelling Clarence to seek greater involvement within the tool collecting community. This culminated in the purchase of the Fine Tool Journal in 1995 from Vern Ward of southern Vermont.
Not long after his purchase, Clarence left his job at Cunnningham and fully immersed himself in the antique tool world. His collecting hobby turned from weekend entertainment to a 7-day-a-week job, but Clarence continued to pursue more business adventures within this specialized community.
After two years of successful publishing, Clarence purchased Brown Auction Services and continues to offer the finest collections of tools in the world today.

In 2000, an April auction was added, featuring prominent collectors such as Dan Connelly, Dr. Michael Jenkins, Joe Hannagan and Bill Rigler.

Clarence continues to spend many long hours in the office in Pownal, Maine: publishing, auctioneering, and selling antique tools, Lie-Nielsen tools and books.

Donna Friberg, the high energy Executive's Assistant, gracefully manages the cumbersome role of maintaining the office.

Wally Farrington is our astute photographer, who dedicates long hours to ensuring each item is perfectly photographed.